The RV Storybook is a small project that attempts to capture some of the beauty of Rishi Valley that so many students and alumni have known and loved. It’s a place for students and alums to share memories and rejoice in nostalgia. Rishi Valley was always about people, and so is the RV Storybook. As passionate RVites, we want you to submit RV-related content of all stripes, and we mean all stripes!

We mean it. It’s amazing if you just want to share what happened one sunny juice break, and it’s equally amazing if you want to share some insights on the RIVER program! The only thing we have to say is: do respect the wide spectrum of all things RV, and try not to dilute the whole experience by contributing intrinsically inadequate memoirs and ruminations about RV in general. RV exists more than just ‘in general’; it exists in particular, in the moment. True beauty is fleeting, and RV is made beautiful not just by any omnipresent ambience, but by the unique and personal beauty it represents to each person. RV is you, and you are RV; what we want is your RV. Let us understand that, and create a happy community worthy of Rishi Valley.

Pitch in!