The RV Storybook is a great platform for sharing your work with a warm and appreciative community. It is whatever we make of it. Do contribute!

Format and Content

We look forward to receiving a wide variety of contributions for the RV Storybook, whether they’re written pieces, photographs, videos, or something novel and much more creative. We don’t want you to restrict yourself in any way: your contributions are bounded only by your own creativity. As such, written pieces, for instance, could be in the form of excerpts from letters you wrote or received while in RV, conversations you had, and even chits you passed around in class!

It’s worth reiterating what we expressed in the Manifesto:

RV exists more than just ‘in general’; it exists in particular, in the moment. True beauty is fleeting, and RV is made beautiful not just by any omnipresent ambience, but by the unique and personal beauty it represents to each person. RV is you, and you are RV; what we want is your RV.

It would be unwise, we think, to contribute ‘farewell-speech’ memoirs that attempt, bravely, to encapsulate all that RV means to you, because what RV represents to you is best expressed in the little things, the juice breaks and the chalk fights, and the way your moustache from a play just wouldn’t wash off. We feel sure that, having known and loved RV, you will appreciate this.


How you go about sending us your contribution is really rather simple:

  • We are essentially open to content from pretty much any direction. Just find a way to make your contribution reach us, and we’ll find a way to make sure it reaches everyone else. So smile already! 🙂
  • Simply send your contribution to us, either via email to or as a quick message on Facebook. You could include a short description of your contribution, and be sure to clearly mention your name, batch, the years you spent at RV, and anything else that you feel like, such as admission number (so that the oldies can induce gasps in us younglings!).
  • Upon receiving your piece, we will publish it as a blog post here on As far as possible, we will try not to alter your contribution in any way, except to iron out any typos and the like. If we ever feel the need to contact you about anything, we will do so, because it’s your contribution.
  • That’s it. It’s that easy.

Contact us

We welcome any suggestions, ideas, advice and questions you may have: just send them our way right here, or at, or on Facebook, or just about anywhere where they’ll reach us, really. (Update: We’re also on SoundCloud here and here!)