Nikunj Patel, ISC ’10, is a visual artist and musician whose art took root under the trees of the Valley. During a recent visit, he made these endearing sketches of the quiet but integral motifs that make RV as much a visual experience as an educative one.

My inclination towards art and the habit of sketching first began while I was a student at Rishi Valley. Inspired by the people and nature around me in the valley, I decided to immerse myself in the field of art and design after I passed out of the school. Having visited the valley a long time after, these sketches were my way of rediscovering these spaces that had left impression upon impression in my memory. I hope they do the same for some of you.

– Nikunj


One thought on “Sketches

  1. Delighted to see your sketches of RV sites… You have truly depicted them beautifully. Thanks for the treat. Regards, Gita (1963)

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