I had an unreasonable amount of fun writing these. Cheers! — Aravind Prasant, ICSE ’11.


There once was a chap from Meru,
Who bungled deceiving Goblu:
His veg was fetched;
He ate till he he retched:
And now he’s still in the loo.

Eat your Veg!

There once was a bit of hubbub
’Bout a mouse that stole some Bang’lore grub;
It cleared up soon,
When t’was found in a swoon,
Choking inside of a washtub.

There once lunched a quiet girl from Red,
Who foolishly brought along chilli spread:
And the dining hall,
As one in thrall,
Stopped just short of eating her head.

The Girl from Red

I once met a rather silly fresher,
Whose innocence was beyond measure;
I sent him away—
He’s there to this day—
Scouring Astha for hidd’n treasure.

There once was a fellow with some lovely hair,
Who trudged to the barber in due despair;
When out he came—
Oh, what a shame!
He looked just like a balding bear.

Of Vemana and his cursed gang,
We saw too much in old 3rd Lang.:
“It’s much too tough!
We’ve had enough!
We come for movies—let him hang!”

You think you’ve had a fall from grace:
You hang your head, you hide your face;
But pray be glad:
It’s not as bad
As the plight of an RV booercase.


There once was a boy named Shinde,
To whom P.T. was a cause for much dismay.
So he ran up a hill,
And hid until
He realised that it was a Sunday.


Now why don’t you try your hand at it?

With art by Athyuttam Reddy, ICSE ’11.


2 thoughts on “Limericks!

  1. There is a school named RV,
    That teaches its students with verve,
    Math, Phy, Chem, History,
    Sports, Painting, and Mystery,
    No wonder that it arouses such envy.

  2. I think I wrote this after turning up late for Thursday dinner, and there wasn’t any egg curry left. Of course, now, what I wouldn’t give for some RV tomato rice!

    The food in the dining hall,
    Isn’t edible at all,
    If you eat it,
    You’ll regret it,
    It’ll make your appetite fall.

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