Happy Friendship Day!

As the world celebrates Friendship Day, Hasumi Nemani (ISC 2010) recalls this mini ‘special-O’ of hers at RV. During the nine years she spent at school, Hasumi made many friends and countless bands – mastering existing designs and coming up with her own too. Here she shares her expertise with a step-by-step guide to making some classic ones – so get your skein and band your bonds! 😀


I’ve moved away from RV in time and place, and still seem to be trudging about in this concrete desert (Tokyo). However, one thing that kept me from going crazy was the support of the people I came across during my nine years at RV – the people whose friendship and closeness was celebrated each year during the first week of August – a mini Special’O known as Friendship Day. In my first year, Friendship Day seemed a foreign concept to me. When my house matron Divya Akka came around to collect orders for skein, I just thought it was a funny way to pronounce skin, but that didn’t make any sense!

Understanding struck me soon thereafter, and I hopped on to the bandwagon; making friendship bands with my stubby fingers. Starting off as a printing press making ‘twists’, I went on to learn the more advanced designs – the ‘V’, the ‘W’, the Rug-rag, and the list went on. Sitting on my bed during those dreamy rest-hours, with seniors supervising over my work, was something I cherished – like obtaining sacred knowledge by word-of-mouth, the traditional way. All the labor was worth it, because tying that well-made friendship band across a dear friend’s wrist, to me, was a mark of endearing love.

Here are step-by-step instructions to some of the basic bands…go ahead, give them a shot!

The V

The Rug Rag

This doesn’t sound like something that you’d want to give a friend, but these are my favourite because the designs are so unpredictable and always take you by surprise!
The Zig Zag
Note: The knots in these are a little different – the first goes in one direction and the second in the other. If the line is slanting towards the right, then the first knot is towards the right and the second to the left.
Right after the second step: start from the initially chosen side and knot in the same direction for as long as you like – 3 lines, 7 maybe – and then change direction.

If you were starting at the right end, now start at the left. If you were knotting right to left, knot left to right now.
Thanks Hasumi! 😀

5 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day!

  1. Wow… Hasumi, I have this vivid memory of you – in Neem House, squatting on the table top and halfway through the laborious task of making an astonishingly thick friendship band! I was so fascinated by it, and I always wished I could make them as well as you could! I even think I learned to make the Slide and the V from you! 🙂 Missing those days! And by the way, Happy Friendship day to you! 🙂

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