Folki (Folk Dance) has been a beloved tradition among the students of Rishi Valley for what seems like forever. Every weekend, students of senior school as well as a few of the staff members, come together to sing and dance to a collection of about 50 folk songs that have been collected over the decades. Here’s the entire collection – for you to listen, enjoy and share.

Download all (rar archive, 180 MB)  | Do tell us if you find any difficulty in listening to or downloading the songs.

For those who might find it useful, here’s our public Folki Songs Dropbox folder, where all songs are stored separately instead of as one big RAR file: Folki Songs.

You can listen to the songs online and download individual songs using the player below. You will find the entire collection in the download links above, including a couple that we couldn’t quite manage to fit in here. If you want anything, feel free to leave a comment right here, drop us an email, or get in touch on Facebook.

Courtesy Ira Agrawal, ISC 2007, Rishi Valley School.


10 thoughts on “Folki!

  1. Sunil Thomas sir should be thanked for this! He was patient throughout the month or two before leaving school, when I bugged him for a copy of the CD! Even the credit for converting those ancient tape recorder wale cassettes into digital format goes to him!

  2. Never realised Harry Belafonte had done a version of this very popular Jewish love song! Gosh! I really need to come to RV for a recharge! 😀

  3. I know I’m being a little demanding, but there are more songs that were there, so it’d be awesome if you guys could somehow manage to acquire those!

    • That’s totally understandable, and there are probably more who feel as you do. You see, we do have 50 songs in all, but only 43 are available here; that’s because SoundCloud’s uploading limits made it necessary for us to drop seven of the (we felt!) not-so-popular ones.

      Worry not, however, because there is Dropbox. Here’s the link to our public Folki Songs folder, where all 50 songs are stored and available for individual download: Folki Songs. The seven missing songs are Correido, Doubleska Polka, Dundai, Dundai-2, Hineh Ma Tov, Red Wing and Red Wing-2. Now you can download and listen to them!

      But if what you want still isn’t here, we simply don’t have it, and we don’t know if anyone does (in digital format). Hope that helped.

  4. In my visit to RV I shot a bunch of videos (with a help of an “assistant” whom I shall not name). I realized I remembered almost none of the steps but almost all of the music!

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